Your Business On A Bin


Every business should have their 'Business on a Bin'. Why? Because it's a cheap, easy cost effective form of advertising that’s sure to get you noticed. 

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About Us

My Wheelie Bin was the brain child of a group of designers whom work together and spend far too much time coming up with weird and wacky ideas which other people seem to love!

I think it’s fair to say that not many people like looking at wheelie bins and we all like our home and working environment to be unique, that’s where comes in. 

We design and manufacture 100’s of great wheelie bin stickers, wheelie bin sticker panels and bin sticker numbers in a range of sizes and colours to suit all manner of people. Our selection of wheelie bin stickers range from retro cool, urban trendy, wild kingdom to just the plain old odd! We come up with some of our best ideas at the strangest of times and places, so if  you see some guy jump up and run out the cinema whilst scribbling on a piece of paper and mumbling like a man possessed it’s probably one of us!

We do custom bespoke designs too!

We can take your images, photos or designs and turn them into mono or full colour wheelie bin stickers and wheelie bin sticker panels. While this is slightly more expensive than one of our stock designs it does mean you get just what you want the way you want it. In fact a growing number of our customers are having their designs turned into wheelie bin stickers and wheelie bin sticker panels and selling them at shows and parties - try it you could make some money and get to deal with great people like us too!

We love what we do and we love doing something a little different, so if you have a design in your head and you want to get it on your bin, give us a call, we would love to help! 

We work late so you get your order early!

While it’s true our stated opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm you will normally find some or even all of our staff here working late! Sometimes the design just takes over and the only thing that’s going to pull us away from our screens is a pizza and a pint, other times it is just because we want to get some extra orders out to free up the machines quicker. 

Whatever the reason, if we are here, we are working! That’s why most of your orders ship the Same or very Next Day - we get them out as soon as we can so you can get them on your wheelie bin as soon as you can!

Every product has a production time listed on the page, this is only a guide line but more often than not we get it out the door much sooner, after all a happy customer will come back and buy more!  

When things go wrong, we will fix them!

No matter how good a company we are, or how hard we try, sometimes things go wrong. If you do have a problem with your order or delivery please contact us as quickly as possible.
We pride ourselves on our customer care and know that when we don’t get things right (or the courier drives over your delivery!) the most important thing is to make things right, quickly and efficiently. We promise to do all that we can put a smile back on your face and make your bins great again!  

So that’s us, what we do and how we will treat you, so go on order a design or two and get sticking!