Your Business On A Bin


Every business should have their 'Business on a Bin'. Why? Because it's a cheap, easy cost effective form of advertising that’s sure to get you noticed. 

Take a look at the Wheelie Bin Sticker Panels For Business page by clicking here

Oww, you look nice! We've had a facelift!

All good things come to an end and the old website was no exception. We have listen to what you the great UK bin sticker buying public has asked for and designed a fabulous new website which is full of features.

There are more product options available and we have introduced new wheelie bin stickers and wheelie bin sticker panels in a size to suit the new smaller wheelie bins in Newport, Gwent.

We have populated the site with just a fraction of the wheelie bin stickers and wheelie bin sticker panels that we have available, so don't panic, if you loved one of the wheelie bin sticker panels on the old website then it will be making an appearance on the new website very soon! It takes an unbelievable amount of time to transfer all the products over to the new website but hang tight, we're getting there!

If you have previously left reviews for a product but the review is now not there don't panic! All of your reviews will be automatically transferred over when all the products are listed on the new website.

So we hope you will love the new website, if you have any suggestions for new wheelie bin stickers or wheelie bin sticker panels let us know. Also if you come across any errors or problems while using the new website, simply drop us an email using the contact form so we can get them sorted in double quick time. 

Happy Sticking! :)